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Why Agilewing


Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a dynamic and growing business unit for Amazon.com. Since the beginning of 2006, Amazon Web Services has provided a cloud infrastructure platform for businesses of all sizes. With AWS, businesses can apply for computing power, storage, and other services-access to a global computing infrastructure that is the backbone of Amazon.com’s billions of retail businesses. The AWS team is committed to providing developers and their companies with a variety of tools and services to help them succeed.

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management philosophy


In terms of management, we must follow the principle of “rewarding and punishing diligence, low-key work, and efficient work”, pay attention to the cultivation and development of talents, strive to achieve the “you have the ability, I have the stage” commitment, and share the results of the company’s rapid development with employees ; Adhere to the principle of “competent, mediocre” fair competition, let dreams fly. In this young, energetic, warm and loving family, we will work together to learn from each other and meet the spark of innovation; we will provide highly competitive compensation, comprehensive welfare guarantee mechanisms, regular training, and challenging Post.