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Cloud vendors Enterprise Support provides you with services like Concierge, with a primary focus on helping you achieve results and succeed in the cloud.


With enterprise support, you get 24/7 technical support, tools, and technology from top engineers to automatically manage the health of your environment; advisory architectural guidance for your applications and use cases; and a designated technical account manager ( TAM) to coordinate access to proactive / prevention programs and contact with cloud vendors subject matter experts.

In addition to the services provided by Basic Support, Enterprise Support also provides the following services:


Cloud vendors Trusted Advisor – Implement a full set of Trusted Advisor checks and provide guidance to provision resources according to best practices to help reduce costs, improve performance and fault tolerance, and enhance security.


Cloud vendors Personal Health Dashboard – A personalized view of the health of cloud vendors services, sending alerts when resources are impacted. Also included is the Health API for integration with existing management systems.


Cloud vendors Support API-Programmatic access to the cloud vendors Support Center’s capabilities to create, manage, and close support cases, and manage Trusted Advisor check requests and status during operations.


Enhanced technical support

Cloud support engineers can be reached 24/7 by phone, chat, and email. You can have an unlimited number of contacts, all of whom can open an unlimited number of cases. The response time is as follows: General guidance: <24 hours System damage: <12 hours Production system damage: <4 hours Production system downtime: <1 hour Business-critical system downtime: <15 minutes

Proactive Technical Account Management

A Technical Account Manager (TAM) is your designated technical contact who is responsible for providing advocacy and guidance to help plan and build solutions according to best practices, coordinate contact with subject matter experts and product teams, and proactively keep your cloud vendors environment up and running.

Architecture support

Contextual guidance on how to combine services to meet your specific use case, workload, or application needs.

Proactive Support Program

This includes access to well-structured audits, operational audits, and infrastructure incident management.

Support Concierge

The Concierge team consists of a group of cloud vendors billing and account experts who specialize in corporate account issues. They can assist you with billing and account inquiries quickly and effectively, and implement billing and account best practices with you, so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

Customer Introductory Training

Your cloud vendors technical account manager will work with you to outline the process to follow in the event of a problem, including how to open a case of the correct severity, when to use various communication mechanisms (for example, service health dashboard, Personal Health Dashboard, support Case studies, direct contact with TAM) and communication plans for different severity scenarios. The plan includes actions to be taken if the customer cannot be reached. Our support team will work with customers to participate in disaster recovery and other critical event planning and walkthroughs. For critical issues, you can open a 15-minute response time case or contact TAM directly so they can report them if necessary.

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Learn more about how cloud vendors Support helps customers achieve what they want to achieve with cloud vendors.

Support:Partners who can help you succeed


cloud vendors ‘support team does more than just help you solve problems. We work hard to help our customers succeed in their cloud journey and meet requirements ranging from answering best practice questions, providing configuration guidance, to fixing faults and resolving issues.


Our approach to support makes cloud vendors the leader in the industry. We are committed to helping you use cloud vendors in the most reasonable way possible to achieve business results. Sometimes this means we want to help you solve the problem, but more often it means we are trying to find ways to help you better use cloud vendors products.

Learn about cloud Support Engineer

Scope of support services

Questions about “specific usage” of cloud vendors products and features


Best practices to help successfully integrate, deploy, and manage applications in the cloud


Troubleshooting API and cloud vendors SDK issues


Troubleshooting operational or system issues related to cloud vendors resources


Issues related to our management console or other cloud vendors tools


Issues detected by EC2 health checks


Multiple third-party applications such as operating systems, web servers, email, VPN, databases, and storage configurations




cloud vendors Support does not provide the following services:


Code development


Custom software debugging


Perform system management tasks


Database query optimization


Cross-account support