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Managed Security   

Managed Security   

Moving your business online is the fastest way to grow customers and revenue, yet, running an online business is more complicated than it sounds.

A secure web experience is more important than ever due to growing cyberattacks and threats to website security. Enterprises are facing all kinds of cybersecurity threats every day, such as DDoS, Anti-Bot, or bot attacks. Implementing a secure network infrastructure is becoming more critical than ever. However, customers are facing the challenge of a lack of in-house security experts to evaluate security risks. Companies are having difficulties to implement comprehensive security assessments and plan to meet the complex compliance requirements for EU GDPR, Southeast Asia compliance PDP Act and other international compliance guidelines. With strict global compliance regulations, enterprises must take a standardized and long-term approach to management compliance deployment.

Agilewing Managed Security Services

  • Effective RemediationEffective RemediationNot only raise the alerts but also start working to remediate problems.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)Root Cause Analysis (RCA)Perform RCA, alert management, SOP remediation, and resolution of issues remotely.
  • Fast Identification of Issues and TransparencyFast Identification of Issues and TransparencyReview incoming alerts and log files to quickly pinpoint an issue and remediate the problem.
  • Data Security Governance and ComplianceData Security Governance and ComplianceProvide advisory and assessments on multiple compliances, such as DLP, PCI-DSS, GDPR, PDPA, OWASP 10..etc.