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With the development of the Internet, big data, and cloud computing, the globalization has changed the way of how enterprises run their business. For enterprises, expanding global business has become a critical part of business growth. However, along with enterprise oversea business expansion, companies are also facing the challenge of how to meet compliance regulations.

Agilewing is the very first partner with APN Security competency, and has extensive security compliance implementation experience, including EU GDPR, Southeast Asia PDP Act, India PDP Act, US CCPA, PCI-DSS and China Insurance 2.0. We provide companies with overseas compliance consulting, and assist customers in deploying information security and data protection architecture. We help customers to quickly solve complex compliance issues, and to simplify, automate customer compliance process. With flexible compliance process, customers are able to meet compliance requirements while securely expand their global business.

Agilewing Compliance Review Work

In the compliance review work, we mainly focus on the review and management of data flow.

  • Through the compliance gap analysis, we are able to identify those governance contents that do not meet the compliance requirements. The governance content type includes: data security, network security, continuous compliance and adjustment and optimization. Data security includes but not limited to personnel management, data classification, de-identification, key management, account security, electronic signatures, etc. Network security includes but not limited to environmental control, transmission security, availability, backup, DDoS protection, etc. Continuous compliance includes but not limited to automation, cross-border data processing, hardware/alarm/notification, custody/SOC, etc.
  • With years of experience in compliance governance for oversea companies, Agilewing will base on the data compliance analysis report to provide best practice solutions for customers, which include governance of contract and governance of technology. We will also help to optimization customer’s compliance solutions based on efficiency, timing, and continuous compliance purposes.
  • We provide multiple governance outputs: such as data flow combing report, product security assessment document, security technical white paper, data governance document, compliance governance report, etc.
  • Through training to customer’s internal team, enterprise can form a compliance awareness that can help to build the compliance concept from top to down.