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Moving your business online is the fastest way to grow customers and revenue, yet, running an online business is more complicated than it sounds. A secure web experience is more important than ever due to growing cyberattacks and threats to website security.

AgileCDN accelerates content delivery to your websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, videos, games, SaaS products, and APIs across all devices. It provides your users with faster, more secure digital experiences, and reduces business costs.


AgileCDN offers you the choice of three secure CDN packages that suit your needs:



Great for organizations or individuals that need to protect and accelerate their professional Websites, Web & Mobile apps or secure their blog.

  • 1TB of Data Transfer Out1
  • http/https requests (10M)1
  • Web Application Firewall 
  • DDoS Protection - Layer 3&42 
  • 1 hrs initial consultation


Perfect for small or medium businesses operating online that need to secure their resources and keep the cost low.

  • 10 TB of Data Transfer Out1
  • http/https requests (100M)1
  • Web Application Firewall 
  • Advanced DDoS Protection - Layer 3&4
  • DNS by Route53
  • 2 hrs initial consultation
  • 1hr/month consultation


Best fit for organizations small or large with higher bandwidth and mission-critical applications that require advanced security, excellent performance and rock-solid reliability.

  • 25 TB of Data Transfer Out1
  • http/https requests (250M)1
  • Advanced Web Application Firewall 
  • Advanced DDoS Protection - Layer 3&4
  • DNS by Route53
  • 3 hrs initial consultation
  • 2hr/month consultation
  • POC credits


  1. Individual terms and conditions or Cloud vendors public pricing apply for any overage usage incurred.
  2. Flow cleaning to be charged separately.
Optimize Your Businesses
Achieving customer incredible user experience means increasing conversions and revenue.  Driving operation excellence increases organizations’ savings. Agilewing’s CDN Customized Service help you enhance your customer experience and reduce operation cost.

Image Optimization

We employ the latest and modern image optimization technologies to help transform, reduce the size, and serve images at the edge, closer to your users.


Better Insights and Control

Agilewing developed API solutions that help developers exposes real-time logs and analytics, giving you granular insight into which optimizations are working and which aren’t. 


Protect Your Assets

You can control the access to CDN resources through Agilewing Anti-leech function, protecting your assets and preventing un-wanted traffic.


Reduces Cost

Agilewing preheat solution generates contents for each profile on demand at the edge. Reduces cost and provides incredible user experience.

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Safeguard Your Traffic

Agilewing Managed Security Services provides rapid protection against web application vulnerabilities, DDoS, and botnet attacks. Enforce security rules at the edge with real-time insights into suspicious traffic and the ability to update your configuration in milliseconds.


Effective Remediation

we not only raise the alerts but also start working to remediate problems.


Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

We perform RCA of the problem to prevent it from reoccurring. In addition to monitoring, we perform alert management, SOP remediation, and resolution of issues remotely.


Fast Identification of issues and transparency

All incoming alerts and log files are reviewed to quickly pinpoint an issue, maintain communication with the customer on progress, and remediate the problem.


Data Security Governance and Compliances

We provide advisory and assessments on multiple compliances, such as DLP, PCI-DSS, GDPR, PDPA, OWASP 10..etc.

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Fast and global

The CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) is massively scaled and globally distributed. The CloudFront network has 216 PoP, and leverages the highly resilient backbone network for superior performance and availability for your end users.


Shorten time to market, low implementation cost

No set-up or integration expenses, no hidden fees. On-boarding consultant will assist in setting up and maintaining the services.

Predictable and affordable pricing model

We provide flexible pricing models for customers to choose from:

  • Account-based services
  • Event-based services


One-click service

With professional advisory and planning, we assure customers' CDN implementation with both security and compliance.

Enterprise-grade security protection

OWASP, DDoS, Anti-Bot, credential protection.

Always-on support

You don't have to build a new team to manage enterprise security.  Agilewing provides you with 24/7 professional support with dedicated hotlines and services.

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