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Data Security and Privacy Compliance

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Recent years, many Chinese domestic technology companies, such as smart terminals, games, entertainment, e-commerce, cloud computing, etc. have gone abroad to expand their territory. The number of Chinese companies that entered the rank of global leaders is increasing. The normalization of the covid19 epidemic has promoted the acceleration of global data security and privacy protection legislation. About data protection, all-round digital competition situation, such as national security review and export control, has been formed. Therefore, the overseas data compliance environment is becoming progressively complicated.


Worldwide Data Protection and Privacy Legislation

Mankind has entered the information age for many years but has not found a way to adequately protect data, so the risk of data leakage has become a global problem. According to a survey, 68% of companies claim to have experienced a data breach. The direct economic costs caused by large-scale data breaches are at the level of hundreds of million yuan. In addition to them, there
are many “hidden costs” too, including damage to goodwill, customer churn, etc. Widespread recognition of the importance of privacy and data protraction is increasing as more social and economic activities are conducted online. According to a United Nation report, as of April 2020, 1
28 out of 194 countries or 66%, have enacted legislation to ensure the protection of data and privacy.


Why should Chinese companies
pay attention to regional data security lCloud vendors?

  • Many regulations are globally effective, and China will also introduce privacy protection
  • There are penalties for violation of lCloud vendors and regulations.
  • Preference for stricter consumer privacy protection lCloud vendors.
  • The privacy lCloud vendors of certain countries prohibit cross-border data transfer in order to protect the data of local citizens.
  • Regulations may become non-tariff barriers.

GDPR introduction

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It's the core of Europe's digital privacy legislation. GDPR is a new set of rules designed to give EU citizens more control over their personal data. It aims to simplify the regulatory environment for business so both citizens and businesses in the European Union can be fully benefit from the digital economy.


Note *: Red intermittent line indicates the focal points during GDPR compliance implementation

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GDPR penalties

“Top 5 Fines” shows that data processing with an insufficient legal basis and insufficient technical and organizational measures are most likely to result in significant fines. The fine amount could be 4% of global annual turnover or up to € 20 million, whichever is highest. Statistical data shows that the highest average fines are levied in the media, telecoms and broadcasting and transportation and energy sectors.

Data source:



Security and compliance governance


Sort out data flow,
take health check

  • Business scenario analysis
  • Personal data recognition
  • Sort out data flow
  • Data life cycle visuality
  • Health check report

gap report

  • Risk on data subject rights
  • Risk on personal data policy
  • Risk on data life cycle
  • Comprehensive risk analysis


  • Optimize management system
  • Perfect privacy policy
  • Technical advice white

Future planning
and tracking

  • Establish a risk identification mechanism
  • Implement high-risk rectification measures
  • Monitor the life cycle of personal data
  • Publish emergency plan
  • Compliance guarantee operations and continuous improvement

Training and

  • On-site training
  • Remote / online training
  • Video teaching
  • Propaganda
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The CloudFront content delivery network (CDN) is massively scaled and globally distributed. The CloudFront network has 216 PoP, and leverages the highly resilient backbone network for superior performance and availability for your end users.


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No set-up or integration expenses, no hidden fees. On-boarding consultant will assist in setting up and maintaining the services.

 Predictable and affordable pricing model

We provide flexible pricing models for customers to choose from:

  • Account-based services
  • Event-based services


 One-click service

With professional advisory and planning, we assure customers' CDN implementation with both security and compliance.

 Enterprise-grade security protection

OWASP, DDoS, Anti-Bot, credential protection.

 Always-on support

You don't have to build a new team to manage enterprise security.  Agilewing provides you with 24/7 professional support with dedicated hotlines and services.


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